Intro to GTD on MoneyWatch

Date: Monday, January 17, 2011 by GTD Times Staff

Robert Pagliarini is a self-proclaimed “productivity/efficiency nut,” who became a fan of David Allen’s book Getting Things Done.  He’s also a regular contributor to CBS MoneyWatch.  We found his useful introduction to GTD from a few months back.  Like his other columns, it’s timely at any time.

GTD has transformed my life. I’ve gone from trying to keep everything in my head or on notepads, to having a systematic way to address any kind of physical, electronic, or mental information. Plus, I always know where I stand with all my personal and professional projects, what next step is needed to move each project forward, and who needs to get back to me.

His brief introduction includes a description of GTD, objectives, and steps.  Enjoy!

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