David Allen discusses key GTD principles and software

David Allen discusses key GTD principles for increasing performance and being productive while avoiding the trap of getting bogged down with emerging technologies. This is a video interview on Live Digital with Shelly Palmer. The segment with David begins at 10:08.


(The video is streaming from Live Digital, so you may need to give it a moment to load.)

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  1. Another great interview and insight into how to get through the troubles of GTD.

    As a long time GTD user its good to still come back and hear a refresher on the basics.

  2. This sums it up beautifully – one of the better, concise talks about the GTD philosophy! Thanks David!

  3. Always nice to see a clear and concise description of the methodology that is saving my life!

    Just yesterday I gave a speech about GTD at the local Toastmasters club, and got a lot of friends here in Milan interested in GTD. The topic always resonates really well with all kind of people.

    Thanks, David!

  4. David,
    that was great! Probably the best explanation I’ve heard so far of the real benefits of using the not-so-common common sense behind the GTD methodology.

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