Are you a perfectionist?

Q: Any tips for those of us who get paralyzed by perfection?

David Allen: Just focus on doing the next action perfectly, which is a lot easier than trying to be perfect about how you approach something bigger. Be as retentive as you want. The only problem is when it stops action. Be a perfectionist about the process, which will require, of course, making decisions on the front end that might not be perfect. Think about what might go wrong if you avoid decisions and action! (If you need a negative motivator.)

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  1. In this era when people oftentimes rely upon Smart phones synching with Outlook is there any chance that the folks at Netcentrics will develop an app for the iPhone? It seems like such a natural yet it does not exist. Work arounds exist and they are all lacking. What do you think David?

  2. Why not use the new Reminders in OS5? Or are you specifically looking for the functionality that the Netcentrics app provides?

  3. Perfectionism is often a form of procrastination. I used to procrastinate by trying to get everything done perfectly.

    The reason: I was afraid that people would hate me if it wasn’t perfect.

    You have to keep in mind that EVERY MASTER WAS ONCE A DISASTER.

    I used to be a perfectionist but now I care more about action.

  4. This is perfect. Oh wait, never mind.
    Just opening another can of worms.

    Is perfectionism a learn behavior or are we born trying to make circles perfectly square and bounce quarters of bed linens?


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