Ten Ways To Get More Done At Work

Sometimes people ask if David Allen’s Getting Things Done is still timely, eleven years after it was published. The answer is yes, absolutely, according to millions of people who have implemented GTD.

And the GTD systematic approach is still timely according to Forbes’ “Ten Ways To Get More Done At Work,” which has a healthy does of references to David’s book.  The article points out that real productivity is much more than organizing and time management tips.

It’s about freeing up time for deeper, creative thinking–perhaps about new products or other ways to generate revenue (or to cut costs). Schedule stretches of creative time throughout the day—mute your phone’s ringer, close your door, avoid e-mail and think.

Now, isn’t that better?


For the alert readers who click through to that Forbes article,  you’ll notice that it’s also still timely, a year after it was published.

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