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  1. Hello there,

    I would like to mention one application that was specifically developed for Getting Things Done and I use it for a while. This application called The Hit List which developed by the Karelia Software. This app was developed for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mac OS and Apple Watch. It has the full synchronization between all apple devices.
    The application may not be ideal but it is very flexible to use for GTD. My approach of using it I’ve described here

    Hopefully that will help somebody to consider something different from the other modern applications.


  2. I also think ‘The Hit List’ is too expensive.

    Todoist is not perfect but does offer a comprehensive set of apps for most platforms.

  3. I’ve been using ThinkingRock for a while…its a simple but great peace of software. I think its something nice to at least try.
    Also, its not expensive in my opinion.

  4. Has anyone used ? If so what are your thoughts?

    I’m trialing it at the moment and it seems to be pretty good. With that said, I’m fairly new to GTD so maybe there are better apps?

    1. I also am using for nearly three years. It is simple and of those that used the nearest GTD. In addition, premium version does not cost that much.
      The disadvantages are limited flexibility compared to eg. The Todoist and cooperation only with Evernote and Google Calendar.
      Sorry for the syntax I use Google Translator. Language Polish is my national language.

      1. I’ve been using in Android for 2 years, the free version. I’ve compared it with a lot of apps, and I think that is the best GTD app for Android.
        For example the “smart add” function from the notification bar, is a great invention to minimize the interruption of capture a thing when you are using another app. Also is great the way that you can see the tasks in a line. Finally, the app is stylish and clean.

        Regards from Mexico!

  5. Been using Trello for GTD the last couple of years – works great on desktop and on the phone.

    Create a board with lists (today, next action, waiting for, inbox, multisteps – and i’ve added a someday/maybe list as well to clear my head).

    Best part is I’ve added a “Send to Trello” on my gmail – makes it easy to add emails that need actual follow up to the “inbox” section.

    Move tiles from one to the other, delete when done…

    and it is free.

    1. Yes, Trello is powerful, easy and FREE. Looks unbeatable. I have to say anyway, that the most powerful organizing app in Android I have seen till now is MY EFFECTIVENESS. And also, being absolutely honest, the MS Office apps posibilities are far more powerful than any other tool up today. I know and agree they look boring and too complicated in comparison to android ones, but most of features and interactions you need in a personal productive suite, you will find it combining Outlook, Onenote and Project.

  6. Hi,
    Google Keep works very well for me as an inbox for all spontaneous thoughts, lists and reminders. Ideal to capture ideas with txt, photo or speech
    Still looking though for a good tool to do the follow up: task asignment, categorezation,planning,..

  7. I found IQTell to be the best app I’ve used. It is set up to optimize workflow in GTD fashion. Unfortunately, it is closing down, I guess it didn’t have enough support. So now I am looking for another option.

  8. I have been using IQTELL for 6 months. Since it is being shutdown, shopping around for next best solution.

  9. I personally think there are no brilliant gtd apps out there, the main problem being the review option which is missing from 99.99% of apps. What should happen is that you are able to set a review date for each task so that it is flagged for review on that day. Sure you can go through all your tasks weekly and review them, but if you have hundreds of tasks to manage this takes a long time. Better to just go through those which are due to be reviewed on any specific day. Omnifocus has this option but from what I understand all tasks show up under the review option in order of review date. I would like to only see whats current. My Life Organised implements the review option also, but Ive never really got on with this app. So Im still searching.

  10. I am a IQTell refugee that is now using TickTick. It is meeting my GTD needs quite well and is inexpensive ($28/year). I can custom repeat tasks, and keep both simple tasks as well as more complex tasks—subtasks, attachments, links, extensive notes, dated comments, etc. I use folders for contexts and tags for roles and areas of focus. Good sorting, drag and drop, good iphone app also. I even stopped using evernote as my primary capturing tool, and just use the TickTick ‘add new task’ to capture, even taking photos, voice to text on iphone, etc.

    It’s a bit limited regarding upper horizon work, so I use workflowy for that.

    Advice, set default reminder to ‘none’ right away, or you will get bombarded! Unless you like your phone buzzing every hour or two….

    Check it out — TickTick

  11. I believe the biggest issue with todays task managers is not about planning your tasks, but organising them. In GTD fashion, I use my task list as an extension of my thinking, by putting everything in it that crosses my mind and might be of value at a later stage. It is about clearing my head.
    If you’re like full of ideas every minute of the day, this is a hige stress relief. But the problem is organising the amount of data in a for me useful way. I might enter some information using siri or any other form, because there is so much data, indexing and tagging becomes a major issue. But I don’t have time for this, sitting down with each entry thinking about the tags to use, etc.
    This is were all task managers I tried so far fail. Most of the entries never become tasks, but might be important at one stage. If i could find a way to connect these things together without me having to do too much, I could actually get things done. Some of them move to my calendar, some to my information depository and some might be deleted or archived, but the connections should continue.
    A system that can learn the way I think, could be a real help. Not planning my day! But helping me to put it all together.
    Good decisions are made by having the right information at hand and that is what a task manager should do. Helping me to connect the dots to make the right decisions in getting the right and important things done while being in the loop.
    I don’t need a task manager to replace me or my thinking, but to support me to become better and to reduce my stress level.

    1. As someone who also has lots of ideas constantly I totally get it, John.

      My solution is to have a task manager and a note app. Notes are much more flexible for structuring ideas and just writing things down quickly. I just start writing and can make organizational structures via bolding, underlining, tabbing anytime or lists anytime. I use Google Drive and love how you can make lots of folders etc and even capture ideas in spreadsheets if that is a better format.

      My task manager is for things that are actionable (I use Amazing Marvin). There I organize my tasks and projects into categories. I often connect a project with a file in Google Docs (add the link into the note of the task). So for example I am working on a website design, I have one file with all kinds of ideas what to write on there or how to design something. In my task manager it’s a project called: “Redesign Website”.

      Hope you will find a good way to get more organization into your ideas! All the best!

  12. There are so many that are so close to each other, the one key thing I can’t find is a daily journal type thing. They all offer the check box, due date, tag, etc. but sometimes during the day you get a call, note, did something quick that you want to remember but don’t need a whole task for.

    On my Mac I have Opus One which really is like an old school day timer, but the task type part is a bit lacking (and using an android as my phone kills the sync part).

    But any of the big boys like 2do, Tick Tick, Wunderlist, etc. all do the same, would be nice to incorporate a daily notes type thing (and if there is one, feel free to shout it out).


    1. it seems that you work with iphone, but you can use onenote or snote(samsung) for writing quick notes and set a reminder

  13. I use an web app (with IOS and Android apps as well) called NirvanaHQ. Does the trick. Easy to add to inbox and easy to sort. Pro version is $39 per year. I just use the free version as it meets my needs.

  14. I’ve been experimenting with an app with simple design. Reflect, contexts, next steps and due date are possible. It’s implementing some new technologies, is currently in beta but definitely worth trying for everybody looking.

    1. Christina–It would be good to mention that you are the developer of the software you are recommending.

  15. Nozbe is hands down the best multiplatform cloud syncing GTD platform. I’ve tried them all

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