Episode #13 – David Allen and The Simpsons Writers

What happens when you cross GTD with one of the world’s most successful TV comedy shows? You’ll find out in this high-energy and humorous dialog between David and three of the writers of The Simpsons. Listen to Rob LaZebnik, Dan Greaney, and Danny Chun share how, in a unique professional environment, they produce creative comedy by committee.

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  1. Timeless messages for sure but it would be nice to have original recording date noted. There is reference to Google products discontinued in 2012. … And Palm Pilot 😉

    1. You’re so right Rory. Sorry about that. This was an older podcast from GTD Connect. We’ll be more mindful of outdated references next time. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. David Allen is absolutely right about the superiority of file cabinets with follower blocks (he calls them slider blocks) It’s just a faster way of filing paper.

    I know some people like to scan and make everything paperless but that’s too slow for me. If I create a document it’s digital, but if I receive a paper document it stays paper. It’s all about speed. My paper dovetails with with my digital files.

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