The 5 Stages of GTD®

Where are you in the 5 I’s? David Allen explains the 5 stages you can expect with GTD:

If you’re not at “Integration” yet, here are some ideas to continue on the Path of GTD Mastery:

  • Read (or reread!) the Getting Things Done book. David Allen has often said it is “the” manual for learning this methodology and will give you the big picture as well as tactical tips and tricks.
  • Get coached virtually or in-person by a Certified GTD Coach
  • Take a GTD Fundamentals course, offered around the world.
  • Join where you can learn GTD at your own pace, through webinars and a huge multimedia library.

Wherever you are in the 5 I’s, we hope GTD is bringing you value!

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  1. Where am I in the GTD Journey, particularly when it comes to the scale of the 5 I’s? I usually find myself comfortably between Installation and Implementation. I tend to hover between the two because, despite my years of working in GTD, I am still a work in progress, and frankly, that’s why I love this methodology. I feel GTD permits me to be human and to make adjustments if I find my system is imperfect. I tell the participants of my classes that I “practice” GTD, because as I continue with the system, I continue to refine the system myself.

    My primary methodology is consistent, although I have lapses of discipline from time to time. Just recently, I came to really value GTD in a home project. I usually apply GTD much more readily and consistently in the work environment, but I have several extracurricular activities occurring and GTD has served me well.

    I tend to think of the quote in the Fundamentals course that states something that if you aren’t uncomfortable, you may not be living a big enough life (or something like that). I truly would not be able to achieve the goals I have had it not been for GTD, even as I use only a fraction of the system!

    I keep refining and moving forward and I appreciate the room and permission to apply GTD is a way I find useful and valuable.

    Keep up the great work, everyone.
    Kindest regards,
    Susie Hudson

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