The 2017 GTD Organizer is here!

The 2017 GTD® Organizer is an elegant and functional editable PDF organizer, built on the GTD principles. Available in letter or junior size.

The GTD Organizer comes as an editable PDF that can be used in several effective ways:
1. As a PDF file that you type into and store electronically
2. As a PDF file that you type into and print for your paper organizer
3. As paper forms that you print and write on in your paper organizer

The GTD Organizer includes:
1. Notes/In
2. 2017 Calendar, in week-at-a-glance format (Mon, Tue, Wed on one page; Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun on the next page)
3. Next Actions Lists
4. Agendas Lists
5. Projects Lists
6. Project Support Pages
7. Someday/Maybe Lists
8. Focus & Direction Pages
9. Reference Pages
10. Contacts Pages
11. Extra Pages

The complete package includes:
1. GTD Organizer in an easy-to-use, editable letter size PDF, as one complete system and in segmented sections if you wish to customize which sections you use
2. GTD & Paper Organizers Setup Guide with extensive educational support about how to use your GTD Organizer
3. Instructions on how to edit the GTD Organizer PDFs, including options for printing on other paper sizes

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  1. Hello from Germany,
    Do you also ship to Germany ? If the answer is yes, How much is it? If you don’t do so, is it also available in Germany?
    Regarding the size: Is letter size the same as the German DIN A 4 size?
    Thanks in advance for answering my questions
    King Regards

    1. Hello Iris,

      The GTD Organizer is a downloadable product, rather than a physical product that we ship. So that means yes, you can purchase it from Germany.

      Letter size is slightly different than A4. Letter is 8 1⁄2 × 11 inches, or 216 × 279 millimeters. A4 is 8.27 × 11.7 inches, or 210 × 297 millimeters.

  2. Any way to get a actual paper copy of the GTD organizer for 2017? vs the pdf version that you currently have. I would rather not print one out using my own paper and ink cartridges, pre-printed version would be nice. Please re-evaluate the importance of having pre-printed packages to sell.

    Mike Campbell

    1. Hi Mike, I’ll add your vote for a pre-printed version, and talk to our graphics team about it. We don’t have a pre-printed option for the 2017 GTD Organizer, but we’ll look into it for the 2018 version, which we’ll launch around October 1st.

        1. Hello Natalie,

          We will have the 2018 GTD Organizer available as a digital download in the next few days. Unfortunately, there won’t be a pre-printed version. We made the 2017 GTD Organizer available pre-printed for a few months, but found that there wasn’t enough demand to continue.

          1. Hello, you already have the 2018 version? Could you pls send me the link I can buy? I tried to buy the 2017 but cant find the option to complete the purchase. I live in Canada. Tks!

  3. I’ve purchased your planners at an office supply store in the past. I would prefer a pre-printer planner. I use a coil bound planner in my planner case & am not able to use a home printed page in that.

    1. Hi Larye, we’ve found that the letter size (8-1/2 x 11) is more popular.

  4. Hi there,

    Please can you tell me if it’s possible to customise the printing of the Junior PDF to fit onto A5 as I have a personal planner that I would like to use for the inserts.

    Many thanks.

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