The best time to do a GTD Weekly Review

The strength of GTD awareness and ability is knowing that the best time to do a GTD Weekly Review is when you least feel like doing it. The strange force that seems to make these simple but powerful habits so challenging is that we think we need to have the result of the behavior, before we can engage in the behavior.

We feel we need to be in control before we can plan, we need to be organized before we can get organized, and we need to know what’s going on before we can sit down to figure out what’s going on. Strange, aren’t we?

–David Allen



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  1. Not sure I understand why….. why do it when the energy is low? (least feel like doing it?)… Wouldnt it be better to do it when one has enough energy and time? The weekly review is of course my weakness.

    1. Hi Victoria. David is more addressing when people are in overwhelm and don’t think they have time or need for it, so they avoid it completely. Any review is better than no review–even when you have low energy, low brain width, or low motivation. Start with small chunks of time to get some wins under your belt and soon enough you’ll find yourself looking forward to your Review time!

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