Episode #43: The Power of the GTD Weekly Review®

David Allen shares his thoughts on what a good GTD Weekly Review is and isn’t, as well as some valuable tips and tricks from his years in the trenches. This episode pairs well with Episode #7, the Guided Weekly Review. David has said that the Weekly Review is the “critical success factor” in making your […]

Why Getting Organized Usually Hasn’t Worked

I had another BFO the other day (that’s a Blinding Flash of the Obvious): one of the reasons most people are to some degree allergic to “getting organized” is the consistent lack of success they have experienced over the years with how they’ve approached the whole process of to-do lists. The reason those lists have […]

How things get done

It’s all connected. You can’t really define the right action until you know the outcome you’re after, and your outcome is disconnected from reality if you’re not clear about what you need to do physically to make it happen. You can get at it from either direction, and you must, to get things done. –David […]

GTD and Information Overload

People complain about “information overload.” But, in truth, the most information-rich environment is the most relaxing–nature. We are actually more relaxed and stimulated by a plethora of input and multiple horizons, and nature provides that in spades. If you really wanted to go nuts, just put yourself in a room with no input (sensory deprivation.) […]

Get a Grip on Your Process, or Give It Up

If you’re not willing to commit to keeping your head completely empty, it’s not worth trying to make any “personal management system” work. Give it up.  Don’t kid yourself. Throw your productivity tools away. OK, I’m becoming more direct and succinct. (At 72 I think that serves us both, and I choose not to beat […]

Episode #35 – The Case for Capturing

Listen to an engaging presentation David Allen gave on the case for capturing. In it, David explores the concepts of psychic RAM, society’s move into knowledge work, and the freedom we feel as we begin to implement the GTD methodology.   Listen Now   Subscribe or Download iTunes Stitcher Libsyn Google Play Music Spotify SoundCloud […]

The best time to do a GTD Weekly Review

The strength of GTD awareness and ability is knowing that the best time to do a GTD Weekly Review is when you least feel like doing it. The strange force that seems to make these simple but powerful habits so challenging is that we think we need to have the result of the behavior, before […]

Take a GTD Challenge Around Your “Stuff”

Things do not get rid of themselves. There seems to be a universal law of physics that goes like this: things that exist want to keep existing, even if there’s no good reason. And I think they have strange, secret, invisible agents that lurk in our psyche, planting little numbing seeds like “it’s there, so there […]

Can you tell me why I was going to call you?

We thought you would enjoy this story, passed along by Joseph McEntire. I had a funny and rewarding GTD experience that I thought was worth sharing. Today I found a piece of paper crumpled up inside of my vest pocket.  A pocket I use only for my voice-recorder and not for hand written notes.  The […]

When to block your calendar

Is it OK to block your calendar to work on something, even if it doesn’t have a concrete deadline?  GTD’er Michael asked about the best ways to find time for the time-demanding projects that are important, but don’t have a deadline.  One of our executive coaches replied with some helpful tips.

Tracking Projects in Outlook

A Microsoft Outlook user recently asked one of our coaches: After working with the GTD system for quite awhile, I find tracking next actions in Outlook to be pretty easy.  The harder part is tracking projects.  Where do you do that and how do you move from the 10,000 level (projects) to the runway (actions)? […]