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If you’re looking for tips, tricks, and coaching from the experts on using GTD with your favorite software tool, check out our GTD Setup Guides.

We currently have GTD guides for these tools:

Microsoft Outlook for Windows
Microsoft Outlook for Mac
Microsoft OneNote for Windows
Evernote for Windows
Evernote for Mac
OmniFocus for Mac
Wunderlist for Mac or Windows
Google Apps for Desktop
Google Apps for Android

See samples and download Guides here: GTD Store

Not seeing your favorite tool? Leave a comment with your vote for what tool you’d like to see a GTD Setup Guide for. Thanks!



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  1. I would be very interested in seeing your approach to adapting ACT! to the GTD methodology. I have done it in a way that works for me and would be interested in collaborating on this to our mutual benefit.

    Steve Rankine

  2. I would like to see a guide for “Things” for the Mac (and iOS iPhone & iPad). It has a structure that should work well with the GTD methodology and I would like to see how you’d set up the guide.

  3. Hi!

    I would love to see a setup guide for a web-based tool/app called IQTELL, They seemed to have done a really great job with putting together their knowledge base and help videos showing how they incorporate GTD but I would love for you guys to go and dive in there and see if you can implement a guide with the purest GTD practices possible!

    Thanks in advance!


    1. I second this – would be great if the gtd folks did their own app or set of electronic tools, although I guess there’s no one size to fit all.

  4. I am using Things on Mac, iPhone, iPad for 5 years or so. I tested OmniFocus, Wunderlist, Todoist, Asana, 2do and many other apps.

    I would still be interested in how you would use Things.


  5. What about Trello? I already use Trello for maintaining my personal ToDos, but it would be interesting to see GTD in action on Trello.

    In case needed, here is the url:

  6. David, Steve,
    I too would be interested in looking at a CRM solution. I use Act! So going that route would interest me.
    Steve, I live in the UK and would be interested in hearing what you have done.
    Don’t think this forum is the place to divulge email addresses but I would be happy if David or one of his colleagues forwarded you mine. Not sure if that is allowable, Data Protection and all that.
    Regardless of the above, I have the Outlook and Evermore and they prove to be very helpful, so one on Act or a generic CRM would get my vote and my devalued £stg..

  7. ToDoist. After trying a million of these, this is now (as has been for about a year), my one and only GTD app (windows, Web, Android) (although more GTD help is needed to use it fully).

  8. I love the app called, “Things” by Cultured Code According to it’s website it was developed based on the GTD methodology and I have found it intuitive for at least my implementation of GTD. Love to be able to compare to a reference. Things supports iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac & iPad. It keeps everything synced and works flawlessly. It is the best software implementation of GTD I’ve ever used and I have previously used Outlook, Mac Notes/Tasks, Evernote, Lotus Notes, and paper-based. Easily the best solution over these. I consider Outlook a distant second…

  9. I’d like to see Todoist. It’s a great program that I have a lot of fun with already in the GTD approach, but seeing your approach would be great!

  10. I would love to see the app “ThinkingRock” approach that you would use. I have be GTD since the day you published your first book and I thank you for getting me organized.

  11. I’d like to see a guide for Todoist! I’m using it with my own GTD setup, but I’d like to see other ideas

  12. +1 for Todoist also as they have great integration with Outlook 2016.
    I’m also using Asana, so I would love to get a GTD for it too, but priority would be todoist. Thanks a lot!

  13. I’d like to get a GTD guide for Todoist and for ASANA. Great tools for a daily basis. Thanks for the improvement and the idea.

  14. Is there any software that integrates with excel for read & wright purposes. i prefer using excel but this is difficult when on the go and i don’t want os software option alongside an excel copy as i only one one version of the truth at any one time. Any suggestions for using excel on the go or software compatible with excel for my lists & projects?

    Have you used Fantastical2 with GTD?

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