Episode #40: Best Practices of Email Communication

In this podcast, Coach Kelly Forrister focuses on the best practices of email communications with others, including appropriate use, writing effective subject lines, creating agreed upon response times, reply to all and more.

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  1. I’ve got to say it……I work for a global company. Skype for business is a game-changer. Instead of emails back and forth over time zones, a 2 minute video chat completely slams my inbox clean, and gives me clarity on WHAT is needed, WHO needs it, and i can show you WHAT I did and get instant feedback and “tuning” (I’m in a role where i have petabytes of data, and you need guidance or a sub-sub-subset of our data.

    Our company culture is “keep it quick and de minimus to make good decisions”
    MY personal culture is “once i get ‘you’, I can process your next request faster, and faster with a high degree of accuracy.

    My inbox is how users place requests….however, I’m training them to hit me up on skype. I can accommodate interruptions because i can keep working and maintain focus. DEEP WORK means i go offline and go away to concentrate.

    Thank you for all you do!

  2. Great podcast! We recently adopted “standard work” around email, tasking, and calendar and shared a lot of the same concepts (No Reply to All, Good Subject lines, Proper use of CC/To, Response times, and most importantly: Appropriate use). Well done!

  3. Forgot to say: One life-changing tool around email are email rules (aka filters) to sort various types of non-urgent messages to folders for reading later and leaving your inbox clean with only action-oriented messages. Standard rules/filters we’ve implemented sort: non-urgent memos, marketing/bulk type messages, listserv messages (if you don’t want to unsubscribe), and other common “broadcast” type emails [e.g. “Food Truck is serving Gazpacho today!”].

    Anyway, it’s interesting that almost no leader (at any company) I’ve spoken with has ever received “email training” and efficiency tips and yet we put employees through hours of training for other key software they use.

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