Where to find GTD Courses and Coaching

GTD Courses and CoachingWhether you’re new to Getting Things Done, or already have a system in place and want to gain greater mastery, you’ll get value from GTD courses and coaching services offered by our global partners around the world. We have partners in 92 countries, with more on the way. They offer GTD courses for private clients and for the public. They also offer both in-person and virtual coaching options.

You’ll find the full list of partners on our Global Partners page.

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    1. Hello Alexandr, thanks for asking. David’s master classes are only scheduled when a local promoter arranges them. He does not set them up himself. Right now there is nothing scheduled in Ukraine.

  1. Hi guys,

    Do you have an existing presence in the United Arab Emirates?

    If not, where can I get information about affiliate membership or about starting a GTD-based coaching practice?

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