Getting things off your mind

Even very important things can be on cruise control and not on your mind. If your attention is being grabbed, then there’s almost an inverse relationship there. The degree to which your attention is being grabbed is the degree to which you are not free to place your attention where and how you want to. So, if nothing else, it’s just a pure practical idea that, if you can get rid of the demons that are grabbing hold of your brain and shaking it around—whether that’s buy cat food or reconsidering your career—then it will give you a lot more freedom to be thinking about those things in more creative ways or not have to think about them at all. –David Allen



Have you done a Mind Sweep lately? It’s a great way to see what’s grabbing your attention. We offer live Guided Mind Sweep webinars on GTD Connect and you can also listen to the free podcast with David Allen through the GTD public podcast.


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