The 2019 GTD® Organizer is now available

What is the GTD Organizer?

The 2019 GTD Organizer is an elegant, functional, and complete system, built on the GTD principles. We created it to give people a way to get people up and running with a tool that is completely aligned with GTD.

GTD Organizer

How to Use It

The GTD Organizer comes as an editable PDF download that can be used in several effective ways:

  1. As a PDF file that you type into and store electronically
  2. As a PDF file that you type into and then print as your paper organizer
  3. As paper forms that you can print and then write on as your paper organizer


What’s Included in the GTD Organizer

The complete GTD Organizer includes:

  1. Notes/In
  2. 2019 Calendar, in week-at-a-glance format (Mon, Tue, Wed on one page; Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun on the next page)
  3. Next Actions Lists
  4. Agendas Lists
  5. Projects Lists
  6. Project Support Pages
  7. Someday/Maybe Lists
  8. Focus & Direction Pages
  9. Reference Pages
  10. Contacts Pages
  11. Extra Pages

Available in letter or Junior size.

Don’t need list pages or already use the Organizer? We also offer a Calendar-only version.


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