Randy Pausch on Time Management

Randy Pausch has a unique perspective on managing his time, you see, he’s got pancreatic cancer and is aware that only a vanishingly small percentage of people survive this disease. This lecture is over one hour in length including a long introduction but given the speaker and the message I would say it is well worth the time. Watch now.

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  1. I wish you guys would consider publishing this blog through Amazon.com in Kindle format! There are thousands of us Kindle users now…and very few quality blogs! Please check it out..I think people would subscribe like crazy!

  2. Barbara, Great Suggestion. Where were you when we requested suggestions two days ago?!? 🙂

    Thanks. I’ll definitely look into what needs to be done to publish in that format.


  3. I agree this is worth the time; the message is certainly powerful coming from a person in his situation. Certainly something colleges should teach before releasing students into the wild.

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