Yep. There are GTD'ers in China, too.

Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

China Daily has a short piece on the practice of GTD in China. While it seems to me they need David to pay a visit and help them understand his methods to an even greater degree, it is nevertheless fascinating to see how the broad appeal and true value of GTD cuts across all ethnic, social and cultural boundaries and offers life improving benefits to anyone, anywhere at virtually any point in their lives.

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  1. Billy Jian Chen says:

    Hi, there!

    It is glad to see that you are sharing this story. I am from China and is using and practising GTD for more than one year.

    By the way, the picture used in the post is a Japanese one instead of a Chinese one. 🙂

  2. owstarr says:


    Thanks for the note. I am glad that GTD is working well for you. Thanks also for letting me know about the image. I searched “Chinese Wood Block Art” in Google for that particular image – guess they need to brush up on their art history.

    I’ll change that of course.


  3. Lee says:

    My association for GTD and China is James Fallows, who lives in and writes from Beijing. He wrote a very good profile of David Allen for The Atlantic.
    (By the way, Google gave you another Japanese image, with Mt. Fuji in the background.)

  4. owstarr says:

    Okay… Google is sucking. I give up on images for this post.

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