David Allen Interview, a Friday Evening Treat

I’ve got a special treat for you this evening.  David recently presented GTD to the Hewlett Packard Corporation.  Following his presentation he took the time to sit down with Ian Griffin , an executive speech writer for the company.  Ian is also the author of the Professionally Speaking blog and that’s where this great podcast he’s done with David is hosted.

It’s Friday.  Take a break. Put your feet up, and indulge yourself for ten minutes while David talks about Getting Things Done…

By the way, great content like this – from more audio and video to articles, commentary, and even forums where you can get answers to your personal productivity questions – can be had with a GTD Connect membership.  In addition to the email newsletter subscription written personally be David Allen, there is an entire member’s only section of the DavidCo website that is reserved exclusively for GTD Connect subscribers.

As an extra bonus, here’s another podcast with David Allen – this one from the DonationCoder blog:  Part 1,  Part 2.

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