Live Blogging the Mastering Workflow Seminar: What supports/gets in the way of your productivity?

TIME 9:37 AM

Kelly started the discussion with a great question:

On a 1-10 scale, how would you rate your productivity over the last two weeks?1= I should have stayed in bed.
10=Master of Control & Perspective

What supports you/gets in the way of you being at 10 more often?

Great question. Some surprising answers. I look forward to hearing what your experiences are.

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  1. Serious or aggravating family or close friend issues can really throw me off a level-10 or near-level-10 game. It often takes me quite a while to come back to a focused, productive mode after having dealt with issues of a close, personal nature. On the other hand, I often will use concentrated work to not think of issues that tax my emotions.

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