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Like the desktop quest, many GTD’ers are searching for the perfect GTD list manager app for the iPhone.  The NY Times just posted a nice, simple article on organizing apps for the iPhone. While it’s certainly not an extensive look at the topic, nor will it cover all of what’s out there, or even your favorites (but I’m sure you’ll let us know!), it’s worth a read.

I’ve also written a few articles on my experience of GTD & iPhone over on my blog:

Stay tuned to GTD Times for more on Getting Things Done with the iPhone.

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  1. Some people are already skipping a PDA/phone to desktop connection, and only storing their PDA/phone lists in the ‘cloud.’ My access to the clould is not always reliable, so I stick with a PDA/phone that can store my lists offline. Thanks for the posts about iPhone.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Maybe it is time that the GTD Team and David Allen give Apple a call and see about either working with them on a built in app that is GTD ready that can sync with Outlook and Lotus Notes, or if they don’t respond, work with an iPhone developer to build such an app. I think with your following and feedback from us this could be a real hit. I would love to even see an app that would sync to MindManager to put all tasks and lists into a Mindmap. Actually I think that would also be a way to manage lists. But that is another story. So imagine an app that can sync to the cloud, to Outlook, to Lotus Notes, to a .mm file, and work on iPhone and Blackberry!


  3. Cant believe they didnt quote toodledo! That is a killer site with an awesome iphone based app that works offline when you have no wireless signal!

  4. I like jott for capture and action list management:
    1. quick capture (voice transcribed to text or direct text entry. You can even add google calendar appointments this way.)
    2. add items while driving (just call jott; the new iphone hands-free and voice command makes it easy)
    2. quick sorting into lists
    3. automatically syncs with web and desktop app (Adobe Air)
    The main drawback is that you need to pay for a subscription to the service, about $4 a month, I think.

    Also, Google calendar syncs with the iphone calendar app.

    For other lists and additional capturing options, I use Evernote.

    If you use whiteboard regularly, WB Capture is a great app that cleans up the image you capture with your iphone camera.

    Finally, I use Touch Goal to encourage me to do ordinary daily tasks that don’t fit into the “next action” or “appointment” categories–such as 20 min of exercise or arriving 5 min early to work.

  5. I agree with Jez! Toodledo was and is a mental rescue with lots of Gtd possibilities.

  6. I’m confused. I’ve used GTD with Outlook for several years now and love it. I also covet an iPhone instead of my MotoQ. But I’m so used to synching between my phone and desktop and laptop… and the options available now seem like they add a lot of extra steps to use GTD with iPhone.
    Will something be developed soon to enable me to keep using GTD and Outlook on a future iPhone? Is it worth waiting rather than spend time installing these new apps?

  7. I am very busy as a sales manager at a radio group, running a non-profit, being a lead volunteer for the American Cancer society and a Husband and father. I have been around the block on this, I use Toodledo and it continues to be my solution. Every time there’s a review on something new, I take a gander, but one can get caught in a trap of always looking for something better, when the something better is actually just getting things done.

  8. I recently bought an iphone and have been very happily getting things done with toodledo.

  9. I have been using Toodledo for over a year with my iPhone. It works very well and easy to organize things around the GTD system.

  10. I use Nubi Do on the iPhone, as it has some of the best features I’ve seen on an iPhone GTD app, specifically:
    – the ability to make certain tasks private so that no one else who is playing with your iphone can view them
    – the calendar view, which summarizes your tasks in a monthly calendar view … VERY useful view which I haven’t seen in other apps.

  11. I also have been using Toodledo for about a year now (switched from RTM) and find it the best ‘in the cloud’ list manager on the market.

  12. Great postings. I am on the process of choosing the electronic tool to use. Does anyone know an application that can sync iphone, mac desktop and outlook? Also, I would like to have access to it through the web.

  13. I’d also suggest checking out Personal Informant. It has calendar (syncs with google cal) and to-do list functions (syncs with toodledo) all in 1 view. I switched from the toodle do app, which I found to be pretty cluttered, and have been very happy. The website says they’re looking into a partnership with a Mac-based system too.

  14. There’s a post on the Netcentrics forum (the people that make the superb Outlook add-in) that they are thinking about making a iPhone version!
    Would be really good if everyone could take a minute for a quick survey & I will share the results with Netcentrics (& everyone here) to hopefully put some weight behind their investment

    (I’m nothing to do with them, just a massive fan of the software!)

  15. While it might not be a traditional GTD “lists” app, Getting Dreams Done has powerful recurring task features and organizes your tasks around big goals in your life.
    It is designed to give you a trusted system separate from your day to day task lists to capture your higher level goals and those someday/maybe projects that you keep putting off. With the app you can capture these projects and turn them into realities instead of them just floating around with nothing ever being done.

  16. Great web based solution with a special setup for iPhone use. Free/$5/$10 per month options with option for security. Some other programs specifically comment not to store any confidential information on them. Worth a look!

  17. I’m not 100% GTD yet, but this iPhone/iPod Touch app is working great. It syncs with Google Calendar, has an online (Googel Docs) backup function. You can even email your list and items to anyone with an email address. For simple iPhone/iPod Touch task management with GTD in mind, this is a great app:

    Look for the free trial in the App Store under “TouchToDo Lite”. The full version is only $1.99 through the app store and $2.99 through the Apptism web site above.

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