GTD at work & at home

Date: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

We love hearing from GTD’ers around the world who are getting value out of David’s work.  This one came in from Richard in Japan:

Dear David,

I read your book and I wanted to share with you the incredible change it has made to my career. Since picking it up at a JFK airport bookstore during a business trip, I have implemented many of the techniques and I have developed ‘trust’ in my system to keep me on top of things. Not only has my career been taking off–I have been offered a major new responsibility–but most amazingly I’ve found that I am a much more relaxed and pleasant father and husband at home. Maybe not that surprising given how much less I worry and how much more in control I am.

Absolutely fantastic book. You have altered my life. I just finished the book this week and am already re-reading to make sure I got everything.


Richard Gustafson
Senior Director
Japan Business Development
Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

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  1. marvin says:

    I was just noticing this morning that the more I put GTD into practice, the better I am at spending quality time with my family! There’s a direct relationship and it’s one I’m going to exploit as much as possible.

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