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Date: Sunday, December 27, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

If you are still struggling trying to get the GTD Weekly Review to become a habit, you’re not alone!  It’s why GTD Connect, David Allen’s online learning center, sends out a Weekly Review reminder email to our members.  It’s a dose of inspiration, sent once a week, looking at a common speed bumps for people with their GTD practice. Here’s a recent one:

Still procrastinating about a bunch of things on your action lists? There are usually one of two reasons for this: (1) they have slowly slipped in importance and interest to you or (2) they aren’t really next actions (so you don’t really know what to do, where, about it).   If (1) give yourself permission to move them to Someday/Maybe.   If (2) then gird your loins and get back to the granularity of real next actions on your lists – not small sub-projects about your stuff.

– David Allen

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  1. Jacki Whitford says:

    The Weekly Review is the first thing I do Sunday mornings. It sets me up for the week personally and professionally. When I do not do it, things slip through the cracks of the week in my personal and professional life and I get really stressed out trying to recover. Doing the Weekly Review keeps me calm, relaxed, and able to let my mind stay focused on what is planned for the week, and able to creatively handle any surprise that pops up. I highly recommend the GTD Week in Review CDs if anyone is having trouble with the Week in Review.

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