What is Black Belt with GTD?

Date: Friday, May 28, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

How would you know if you were Black Belt with GTD?  In this 2 minute audio clip, David Allen describes what he would see in someone who is at a level of Black Belt mastery with GTD.

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One Response to “What is Black Belt with GTD?”

  1. April Perry says:

    I love this idea of being a “black belt” at GTD. When I’m processing my emails quickly and efficiently or emptying my inbox without breaking a sweat, I feel such a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

    It also does make a huge difference in how alert I am when I am engaging with my friends or family members. My brain gets to be in the moment, and I don’t worry about any open loops. This has absolutely made me a better person. I love GTD! Thanks for the post.

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