Digging out from backlog

Date: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

The next Webinar on GTD Connect will be “Digging Out From Backlog”.  Two of our senior coaches will give you tips, tricks, and strategies for dealing with your piles of “stuff”.  If you feel like your backlog is holding you back from getting the most out of GTD, this Webinar is for you.  Free to all GTD Connect members (free trial members too).   Thursday, July 15 @ 11am PDT.  Register on the home page of GTD Connect.

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  1. Lexa says:

    I believe this needs clarification. July 15th is a Thursday but the above lists the webinar as taking place on Wednesday, July 15th. Is it scheduled for the 15th or for Wednesday?

    [Editor’s note: Thanks. Fixed. It’s Thursday the 15th.]

  2. LaWynda says:


    I must say… this is what been keeping me from fully utilizing the GTD method.

    It is rather disconcerting when, everywhere you look is a mess. Being a stay-at-home Mom of four wonderful children, trying to start-up many different business ventures on top of dealing with dehabilitating pain everyday… my plate is rather full but somewhat incomplete. The only thing missing.. organization. I don’t get out of my home very often so, my physical circumstances are overwhelming to say the least.

    I do feel as though GTD is my answer. We have even tried to move all the “papers” & such into one location. My daughters began helping me make labels in order to begin filing everything needed away. We barely made a dent. I’m sure your readers could relate to imagining just how much paperwork comes home from their schools much less mail, etc…

    Today I am painting a room we had been using as a “playroom” to collect all the children’s toys. Now, I will officially have an office. I’m so excited! Yet! If anyone is digging themselves out of a hole; it’d be me. Plus, I’m in desperate need a good computer.

    At one time I signed up as a free trial member but that has long since expired. I had come up with make-shift ideas to use complimentary to your GTD System. However, being disabled… we just have a lot of medical expenses in addition to raising four growing children. (And I mean growing… my 13 yr old is 5’10”.)

    However, I am grateful to David Allen. His book has been a life-saver to me. I am in the process of reading it the second time; after using it for reference many, many occassions ++ taking untold pages of notes. During this second read, I believe things will be coming together better.

    Thank you all @ David Allen’s organization.
    You produce magnificent materials that’s a life-line for many, I’m sure.

    My Sincerest Blessings,


  3. Hello LaWynda,

    I just registered you for the Webinar as my guest. I will be leading it with another senior coach. You will receive an email with your registration information. Hopefully you can make it.

    We wish you all the best and look forward to bringing you value for many years to come!


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