First customer review of the new GTD Managing Projects set

The first customer review of the new GTD Managing Projects audio set has come in and we wanted to share some highlights:

In a nutshell, I am very excited to report this audio program is EXCELLENT!

Imagine sitting in the room with David, Marian and Meg and, basically, they are discussing all of the best practices and experiences around projects, projects planning, organizing, etc. It gives you the feeling that you have 3 personal coaches for a few hours. Many examples are discussed in great detail–big projects, smaller projects–to make it easy to understand the very fine points of how “successful outcome” project planning works in real life.

There are great tips here on how to make sure you really have ALL of your projects on the list AND how to keep that list at a manageable level. Linking projects to next actions and/or areas of focus (which Meg taught me during a telecoaching session) is also discussed.

Subprojects–should I or shouldn’t I have them? Lots of good discussion around that.

If you manage others and delegate projects, some terrific tips for you!

Recommendations: If you are relatively new to GTD, this is GOLD. Please consider getting this set as soon as you can.

For long term GTD implementers: YES, you will also find lots here for you too. Let’s face it–we get LAZY. Even if you know some of this stuff, this set will give you new ideas to implement to jazz up your system.

Barbara Bailey, Bailey Consulting Group, LLC (posted on 11/20/2010 to the GTD Connect discussion Forums)

We have also received requests that some of you would like a download version of this product. Thanks for letting us know!  Our products team is looking into that as an option for 2011.

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