GTD Nuggets — Deciding What You Are Not Going To Do

Date: Friday, December 17, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

Deciding that you’re not going to do something is a subtle and critical component of Getting Things Done and is one of the most challenging aspects of self-management. – David Allen

3 Responses to “GTD Nuggets — Deciding What You Are Not Going To Do”

  1. Sean Hesler says:

    I also find it very liberating. It can be quite refreshing when you let yourself ‘off the hook’ for something that you had initially planned to do. Of course, this is much easier when you have control over the entire landscape of the things you need/want to do.

  2. James says:

    Nice quote. It’s hard to decide not to do certain things but very rewarding, both in the time and mental energy you save. One strategy I use to decide what not to do is think about the worst possible consequence of not doing it. Often I can’t think of anything.

  3. Grant Hiesterman says:

    Deciding what not to do is one of the most real-time, practical benefits I have received from my growth with GTD. It gives me the freedom to think about things not of things as David has said. But it is not a magical pill. Deciding what not to do can begin to get stressful if I have not done a recent weekly review.

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