Why "List" is a dirty word

Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 by GTD Times Staff

David Allen’s essay in the new Productive Living explores three reasons why “list” is often considered a dirty word, and three things you can do to change that for yourself.


Why “list” is a dirty word

What’s wrong with lists?  Most people haven’t had a lot of success with lists, especially the ones they’ve tried to use to “get organized.”

You are either attracted or repelled by your lists and everything on them. There is no neutral territory. When you look at any one item . . .

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One Response to “Why "List" is a dirty word”

  1. Elizabeth Saunders-Time Coach says:

    Fantastic article! Another essential part of overcoming “List Anxiety” is having regularly scheduled times to review them.

    This helps you overcome the nagging fear that you won’t check your lists frequently enough to know what’s most important.

    To your brilliance!
    Elizabeth Saunders

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