GTD Best Practices: Doing (Part 5 of 5)

An easy way for me to explain the “Doing” phase of GTD is to simply say “trust your gut/butt/intuition/hunch/heart.” There is gold in that, and ultimately that’s what it will come down to. But how do you even get to the point of trusting whatever part of you makes a trusted decision? Here’s where the “ecosystem of GTD” starts to make more sense:

Capture everything that has your attention (Collect)

Make decisions about what it means and what you are going to do about it (Process)

Park those decisions in trusted places (Organize)

Step back to reflect on those choices from a clear, current, and creative place (Review)

So that you can make the best action choice (Do)

Just joining this series? Read part one on Collect, part two on Process, or part three on Organize, or part four on Review. There’s also a fantastic “Road to Black Belt” webinar series I did with Coach Meg Edwards on these best practices that’s available on GTD Connect.

Kelly Forrister is a senior coach & seminar presenter with the David Allen Company





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  1. Dear Kelly,

    Many thanks, a very helpful series. With this you managed to arouse my interest in GTD again!
    And I joined GTD-connect. What more do you want:-)

    Best regards and a reflective pre-christmas period to all!


  2. Yay Carsten! So happy this helped you get inspired to get back into GTD. So happy to hear that.

    And great to have you on GTD Connect! I’ll be posting registration links for another 14-Day GTD Challenge in January soon on Connect. That should be a great support for you as well.

  3. Kelly, thanks so much for this clear outline. My life has got terribly off track the last two years and I needed this to motivate me to get back into the GTD saddle.

  4. As someone who is a long-time user and proponent of GTD, this series was a great way to re-focus on the core components of GTD and make sure I wasn’t letting any of the most important parts of the system fall by the wayside. Thanks!

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