Is Your Smartphone Making You Less Productive?

Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012 by GTD Times Staff

This thought-provoking Harvard Business Review blog post is sure to stir up conversation, in person or by smartphone.

Is Your Smartphone Making You Less Productive?

2:09 PM Friday April 6, 2012
by Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Mobile devices have exacerbated an always-on work culture where employees work anytime, anywhere. They’ve contributed to the blurred distinction between when you’re “on the clock” and when you’re not. Service industry professionals are especially tethered to these devices. There’s an assumption that using smart devices boosts productivity, since they allow us to work constantly. But, we’re also jeopardizing long-term productivity by eliminating predictable time off that ensures balance in our lives. Is the obsession of regularly checking email really helping anyone’s bottom line? Are the unrealistic expectations these devices facilitate not setting staff up for burnout?

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5 Responses to “Is Your Smartphone Making You Less Productive?”

  1. TesTeq says:

    It’s not about smartphones. It’s about unrealistic demands.

    Is your shovel making you less productive? Yes – if your boss expects you to dig the second Panama Canal tomorrow…

  2. mike says:

    Not exactly.

    It’s not about over-demanding bosses. It’s about the cost of not having time off.

    FWIW, I think the greater loss of productivity for me is that I tend to read email messages on my phone, but wait to respond to most of them until I am back at my computer. That means I process them twice – if I remember to. That and the constant distraction of the phone keeping me from being fully present wherever I am….

  3. Max says:

    I must totally agree with Mike.

    Double processing of my mails + risk to forget to reply because they are marked as read even on my PC + I’m never fully present / always connected.

    A man and a women having dinner without talking and with a smartphone in their hands is pretty sad…

  4. TesTeq says:

    Mike & Max,

    Does your smartphone force you to double process your mails???

    I’ve got Nokia E71 with mail functionality that I have never configured. My smartphone is my tool – not my master. A person that really needs my immediate response can call me.

  5. GS says:

    @Phone: Return xyz’s call fr. Sun. night.


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