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There’s always something new in GTD Connect. You can easily access all this content, and more, through the free trial.

Listen to David’s Latest In Conversation
David interviews a corporate VP at Siemens about leadership, decision-making, and GTD.

Take the 14-Day GTD Challenge
Lead yourself through a 14-day GTD Challenge to optimize your GTD skills and systems.

Take a 30-minute Express Webinar
Our next Express Webinar focuses on the 3-fold nature of your work.

Take a Guided Hike Webinar
Take a tour of the forums–a lively community for learning & sharing with others doing GTD.

Take a GTD Core Skills Challenge
Join our core skills challenges around the Weekly Review, procrastination, or priorities.

Set up your GTD Connect Intention Journal
Engage your creative side with your GTD Connect Intention Journal.

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