Where’s the Kernel in the Creative Process?

Hi Folks, If you’re like me, you might wish for a way to speed up the cycle of creativity, to accomplish something faster and with less uncertainty during the process. Unfortunately, I have not found that it works that way. But I have found that there are reliable actions you can take to keep the […]

Announcing a new English-language podcast from GTDnordic

We are delighted to announce that our partner GTDnordic has a new English-language podcast. In the beginning episodes, you will get to hear Morten Rovik and Lars Rothschild Henriksen talk about the 5 Steps of GTD workflow. If you’re new to GTD, it’s an excellent place to start. And if you’re more experienced, it’s a […]

Peter’s GTD Story

Note: Peter’s GTD story is in a different format. Rather than the Q&A of recent installments, Peter’s story is an email he sent to David Allen. In it, he describes how he came across GTD, what tools he has used, and the positive impact it has had on his life. Dear David, I have had […]

What Science Says About Stress, Cognition, and Clarity

Your head is a terrible office. Your mind evolved to do incredible stuff—like stay alive in the desert or jungle. In fact, you’re benefiting from its evolved capacities right now: without effort, you recognize patterns and store and retrieve information to make sense of the myriad inputs coming at you twenty-four seven. You can look […]

Komal Thakkar’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about yourself:Komal Thakkar from Australia. What do you do for work?am the Founder, Managing Director for Productivity First and a Certified GTD Coach. My company, Productivity First, is a certified partner of David Allen Company in Australia. How long have you been practicing GTD, how did you hear about it, which […]

GTD® and Outlook® for Mac 2019 Setup Guide

It’s here! We’re happy to announce our new best-practices guide for implementing GTD with Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2019.® This Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – Optimally configure Outlook for Mac 2019 in the way we have found works best for GTD – Set up Outlook Tasks […]

10 Reasons GTD is Like Karate

For years I have woven the martial arts metaphor in and through my writing, training and coaching about the Getting Things Done® methodology. I had the good fortune to be able to study karate for several years in my twenties, and my familiarity with that field gave me a rich context of images and concepts […]

GTD® and Asana® Setup Guide

It’s here! We’re happy to announce our new best-practices guide for implementing GTD with Asana. This Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – Optimally configure Asana in the way we have found works best for GTD – Integrate your actionable email – Create project and next actions lists […]

Building a Productivity Jungle

The GTD Summit kicks off in just seven weeks! We are in the midst of finalizing our program and I am excited to announce that Emily Gregory of VitalSmarts will be joining our incredible lineup. She’s going to be sharing insights on effectively managing 10,000+ people. As well as our stage content, we have been working […]

Steve Holden’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Steve Holden, and I currently live in Southern California near San Diego. I originally grew up in Northern California near Sacramento. I came down to San Diego to go to San Diego State University (SDSU) to study computer science, and fell in love with San Diego. […]

Technology and Productivity

How does technology affect your productivity? Despite my thirty-five years of consulting, coaching, and training in hundreds of organizations, I don’t have an easy answer to that question. The digital tools we need and like require more intensive labor than they should. It would be great to have a digital dashboard that integrated all apps, […]

Make it up and make it happen

There are only two problems in life. Isn’t that nice to know? You only have two things you ever need to be concerned about. Not only are there only two problems—they are really quite simple. Ready? Problem #1: You know what you want, and you don’t know how to get it. Problem #2: You don’t […]

Closing the Loops on Meeting Notes

I’m often asked about the best practices for taking meeting notes, including how to process them after the meeting. Here are some tips and suggestions that I hope will be useful to you. Capturing ideas, relevant information, etc. during meetings is important so that you don’t have to rely on your brain to remind you […]

Completing and Creating

Seems that we’re here on the planet to learn about and do two things—complete and create. We are responsible for what we have put into motion on all levels, and we must manage the process of what we are putting into motion every moment. I work with people and organizations about both aspects. Complete means […]

New GTD® & Google® Apps Setup Guide

We’ve updated our GTD & Google Apps for Desktop Setup Guide to work with the latest versions of Google Tasks™, Google Keep™, Gmail™, and more. If you passed over Google Tasks in the past because of its limited functionality, the new version is much more user-friendly and functional.  Download or see a sample.   This […]

News on GTD Setup Guides

Looking for the best coaching advice on getting GTD® setup in your favorite tool? Check out our popular GTD Setup Guides. They are written by our GTD experts and are packed with step-by-step instructions and advice on how to get the most out of many common tools for Getting Things Done®. We currently have GTD […]

Two themes for the GTD Summit

The global GTD Summit we’re organizing for this coming June has two primary themes, neither of which is about working harder or longer, or motivating yourself in any kind of “rah, rah!” way. They are: The strategic value of clear space, and There are no problems, only projects In my experience the essential aspects of being […]

Jared’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about yourself My name is Jared Caron and I live in Nashua, New Hampshire.  What do you do for work? I am a Registered Nurse. My current role is as a Nurse Educator for the 2nd largest primary care network in the state. We have over 70 medical practices spanning numerous […]

Dealing with Free-Floating Anxiety

One of the Greatest Challenges One of the greatest challenges to keeping an empty head is maintaining the drill of processing our interactions to closure. In the course of our day, we often generate much more value-added thinking and agreements with ourselves and others than we realize, especially in the context of conversations and communications. […]