Getting to inbox zero

Question: According to David Allen, we should get clear daily. Does this mean daily inbox zero for email? I feel like if I got to inbox zero daily, especially with email, that’s all I would do.                   Coach Kelly Forrister: Great question. It’s really a daily balance […]

Where should I start with GTD?

People worldwide are discovering the Getting Things Done® methodology; and often I’m asked, “Where should I start with GTD?!” They have either read the book, been to a course, heard about it on a podcast or from a friend; and they have sufficient inspiration or at least curiosity to test it out. But because there […]

GTD® & Nirvana® Setup Guide

We’re excited to release a guide that many people have requested over the years–GTD & Nirvana. This elegant app, built with GTD in mind, is a great option for managing your lists. This new GTD & Nirvana Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – Optimally configure Nirvana in […]

Doug’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about you and your work My name is Doug Crane and I am a librarian by profession for over 22 years. I currently have the honor to serve as Director of the Palm Beach County Library System in southeast Florida where I oversee the major executive functions of a busy seventeen-branch […]

What are the Best Apps for GTD?

A question we often get from the GTD community is, “What are the best apps for GTD?” While we would love to give you a simple answer that tells you exactly what to use, it’s not as simple as that.   GTD is tool neutral One of the first things to understand is that GTD […]

What is GTD?

Keys to the GTD® Methodology People often ask us, “So, what is GTD?” If you’re new to GTD or have been looking for a succinct way to explain it to others, check out this short video where David Allen shares the keys to the Getting Things Done® methodology. Hear why GTD can help you feel […]

20 Things GTD is Not

GTD is not about managing time better It’s about managing your attention GTD is not about having better control over the world It’s about being in control on where you put your focus GTD is not about setting plans and achieving fixed goals It’s about having the freedom to explore options GTD is not about […]

The Resistance to To-Do Lists

The main reason people resist to-do lists I understand the resistance to to-do lists, and the complaints about keeping them. I’ve noticed a couple of reasons for this. The main one is that most to-do lists are incomplete lists of still un-clarified “stuff.” Looking at them creates as much stress as they might have relieved in […]

What to know about GTD Setup Guides

About GTD Setup Guides  The GTD methodology is software neutral. Some software will certainly work better than others, but it means that the apps you use for your GTD implementation are up to you. Over the past 15 years, we’ve built up a library of GTD setup guides for the most common software apps. Each […]

Natasha’s GTD Story

About Natasha What do you do for work? I am a certified GTD Master Trainer and GTD Trainer for Level 1. I also work as an origami creator. Where do you live? My home country is Slovenia, Europe. Recently I moved from the capital to the Slovenian coast (Adriatic sea). GTD Background How did you […]

GTD Courses and Coaching

Looking for GTD Training? David Allen Company Global Partners offer GTD public and private courses and coaching services around the world.  Here are a few links to get started:   GTD Training in the United States GTD® Focus GTD Focus is the Exclusive Partner for the delivery of Getting Things Done® (GTD®) individual coaching in the […]

Is there anything besides GTD?

QUESTION: Is there something else besides GTD worth exploring in the area of personal process management? DAVID ALLEN: Frankly there is nothing in the area of “personal process management” beyond the GTD process itself. Many people mistake GTD as something that has to have all the suggestions in the book in some format; and most […]

The Easiest Hard Rule to Follow

If you pass one tiny piece of paper on the ground, without picking it up, you’re fired. At least, that’s the story I heard once about a standard for employees at Disneyland. Apparently they had figured out how many less human resources they needed to keep the place clean, if it was kept spotless. Think […]

New Getting Things Done for Teens book

The Challenge Teens Face Today The most interconnected generation in history is navigating unimaginable amounts of social pressure, both in personal and online interactions. Very little time, focus, or education is being spent teaching and coaching this generation how to navigate this unprecedented amount of “stuff” entering their lives each day. How do we help […]

Marx’s GTD Story

Your name  Marx Acosta-Rubio What do you do for work? I own several companies and coach entrepreneurs how to be successful and happy. Where do you live? Near Dallas, Texas. How did you hear about GTD? A friend recommended the book and then I hired David Allen to be my first consultant for my first […]

GTD® & Things® Setup Guide

We’re excited to announce the release of our new GTD & Things Setup Guide! We know some of you have been wanting this one for years. Includes a ton of expert tips on implementing GTD in Things on your Mac desktop.                     Buy the full Guide […]

There is no “perfect” way to do GTD

Your name: Jodie E Francis What do you do for work? I work for a federal government department as the information management lead for our branch’s national scientific collections housed in Ottawa, and we are in the process of moving our collections to a more modern facility. Where do you live? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada How […]

Are you out of your mind?

Most people are trying to manage much of their life and work in their minds, but your head is a lousy office! Recent cognitive science research has proven its limitations for remembering, reminding, and prioritizing. In this humorous TEDx talk, David Allen emphasizes the need to keep track of any and every thing that we […]

Starting with where you are, not where you should be

Question: Why does Getting Things Done® focus on the “weeds” rather than the higher-level stuff? Why don’t we start with goals and vision and then make our way to day-to-day work? David Allen: I appreciate your question. The professional and personal self-help training programs consistently emphasize higher-horizon focus—clarity of purpose, values, vision, goals, etc. I agree that […]