TED Talk on Getting Things Done for Teens

Equipping teens with GTD Mark Wallace, co-author of Getting Things Done for Teens, recently did a TED Talk on equipping the next generation to conquer overload and distraction. Digital connectivity has exponentially increased the volume and velocity of “stuff” coming at us every day. A new mindset and new skill sets are needed to help young […]

GTD® & OmniFocus® 3

New GTD & OmniFocus 3 Setup Guide We are excited to announce the release of a new GTD Setup Guide for OmniFocus 3. Given the significant changes in this new release, we’ve overhauled our Setup Guide specifically for version 3. This Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – […]

How to Balance Meetings and Work

Too many meetings? Along with email volume, the overabundance of meetings is the major complaint of knowledge workers today. That said, meetings can be extremely effective and are even critical to getting meaningful work done. It would be an interesting experiment to cancel all meetings and watch what happens. What would we miss? What negative […]

The GTD Horizons of Focus® for determining your priorities

How work is defined David Allen defines “work” from at least six different horizons, corresponding to different altitudes of perspective.                     The GTD Horizons of Focus HORIZON 5: Purpose and Principles HORIZON 4: Vision HORIZON 3: Goals and Objectives HORIZON 2: Areas of Focus and Accountability […]

How do I get other people to do GTD?

Question: How do I get other people to do GTD? David Allen’s answer: Getting other people to do GTD is really about: How do we effectively communicate? How do we not have to have ambiguous non-decisions made about stuff? So, if nothing else, make sure you have your own GTD system in practice and let […]

The Strategic Value of Clear Space

Are neat people more productive? How easily you can make a mess is how truly productive you can be. Maximum freedom to generate and play around in creative chaos is the optimal condition for constructive thinking and work. This is true on a project, in the kitchen, in your office, and at your writing table—anywhere […]

David Drake’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is David Drake, MS, PhD. I am a professor of microbiology & infectious diseases. I am in the Iowa Institute for Oral Health Research, College of Dentistry, University of Iowa. How did you hear about GTD? When I became an Assistant Professor many years ago, I realized that […]

When did email become my job?

Question: At what point did answering e-mail become my job? David Allen: Well, at what point did answering anything—your mail, having conversations in your hallway—become your job? It’s all your job. You just have to decide what your work is. As the late, great Peter Drucker said, that’s your biggest job, to define what your […]

What should you do?

What should you do?  With many choices you are given moment-to-moment, what should you do? There are five steps in the Mastering Workflow model of GTD®: Capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage. So which step is most important? How do you decide whether to collect stuff, process an inbox, organize your work, reflect on all […]

The 2019 GTD® Organizer is now available

What is the GTD Organizer? The 2019 GTD Organizer is an elegant, functional, and complete system, built on the GTD principles. We created it to give people a way to get people up and running with a tool that is completely aligned with GTD. How to Use It The GTD Organizer comes as an editable […]

Getting things off your mind

Even very important things can be on cruise control and not on your mind. If your attention is being grabbed, then there’s almost an inverse relationship there. The degree to which your attention is being grabbed is the degree to which you are not free to place your attention where and how you want to. […]

Aliman’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Aliman Sears from the Island of Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii (Kailua side). My primary work is chief operating officer and co-founder of a nonprofit psychiatric social work agency. I am also adjunct professor of philosophy at Chaminade University, Honolulu.   How did you hear about GTD? In 2016 during […]

Getting to inbox zero

Question: According to David Allen, we should get clear daily. Does this mean daily inbox zero for email? I feel like if I got to inbox zero daily, especially with email, that’s all I would do.                   Coach Kelly Forrister: Great question. It’s really a daily balance […]

Where should I start with GTD?

People worldwide are discovering the Getting Things Done® methodology; and often I’m asked, “Where should I start with GTD?!” They have either read the book, been to a course, heard about it on a podcast or from a friend; and they have sufficient inspiration or at least curiosity to test it out. But because there […]

GTD® & Nirvana® Setup Guide

We’re excited to release a guide that many people have requested over the years–GTD & Nirvana. This elegant app, built with GTD in mind, is a great option for managing your lists. This new GTD & Nirvana Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – Optimally configure Nirvana in […]

Doug’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about you and your work My name is Doug Crane and I am a librarian by profession for over 22 years. I currently have the honor to serve as Director of the Palm Beach County Library System in southeast Florida where I oversee the major executive functions of a busy seventeen-branch […]

What are the Best Apps for GTD?

A question we often get from the GTD community is, “What are the best apps for GTD?” While we would love to give you a simple answer that tells you exactly what to use, it’s not as simple as that.   GTD is tool neutral One of the first things to understand is that GTD […]

What is GTD?

Keys to the GTD® Methodology People often ask us, “So, what is GTD?” If you’re new to GTD or have been looking for a succinct way to explain it to others, check out this short video where David Allen shares the keys to the Getting Things Done® methodology. Hear why GTD can help you feel […]

20 Things GTD is Not

GTD is not about managing time better It’s about managing your attention GTD is not about having better control over the world It’s about being in control on where you put your focus GTD is not about setting plans and achieving fixed goals It’s about having the freedom to explore options GTD is not about […]

The Resistance to To-Do Lists

The main reason people resist to-do lists I understand the resistance to to-do lists, and the complaints about keeping them. I’ve noticed a couple of reasons for this. The main one is that most to-do lists are incomplete lists of still un-clarified “stuff.” Looking at them creates as much stress as they might have relieved in […]