A Great Chance to Try Out GTD Connect for Free!

Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

GTD Connect is David Allen’s subscription product for people that are serious about GTD. Not only are there original articles from David and other David Allen Company GTD Trainers that you can’t find anywhere else, there are also videos, audios and even forum discussions.

An annual subscription to this amazing service runs $40 per month but right now you can try it for fourteen days absolutely free. I don’t know how long this free offer will last so if you haven’t already become a subscriber you probably want to head over to the trial registration page and sign up before it’s too late!

Here’s an example of the sort of material that GTD Connect members can access any time day or night, 365 days a year. You simply won’t find material or information like this anywhere else.

From GTD Connect’s exclusive library:

The Simpsons Interview:
What happens when you cross GTD with the world’s most successful TV comedy show? You’ll find out in this high-energy and humorous dialog between David and three of the writers of The Simpsons. Listen as Dan Greaney, Rob LeZebnik, and Danny Chun share how they’ve implemented GTD principles, each in his own way, and how they get things done in a unique professional environment. The way they produce creative comedy by committee may have some lessons for all of us!

Here’s a link to a sample of the interview. If you want to hear the entire thing use the link below but be warned that you do have to register to access that material (registration is free).

Link to full interview on GTD Connect:*

Ismael Ghalimi Interview:

Ismael Ghalimi is the epitome of the new global and virtual professional. He runs a successful high-tech software company in Silicon Valley. He’s also the creator and driving force behind the annual Office 2.0 conference. And, as a dedicated GTDer, he manages himself with totally web-based software. Listen as Ismael shares with David his perspectives on getting things done in his highly mobile world.

A link to a sample of the interview is here. Use the link below to listen to the entire program.

Link to full interview on GTD Connect *

Once again you can register for the free trial of GTD Connect here.

*Please note that free registration is required in order to listen to the interviews hosted at GTD Connect’s private site.

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