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Date: Friday, November 14, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

For those of you that love the tried and true tools of pen and paper, the David Allen Company has just launched a couple of new products that you’re sure to love. Two sizes of personal coordinators; jr. size and letter size as well as a letter size calendar.

Made by Mead, the same folks that make the At-a-Glance products, these new additions to the David Allen Company Store were designed specifically for those of us that practice GTD.

Both coordinators feature helpful tabbed sections that can have a profound effect on your productivity and peace of mind. Each section is prefaced with an educational piece with examples to show the user best GTD practices in that area of the coordinator. The action tab for instance, has eight pages of text to accompany that area, included in the reference tabbed section are the GTD Templates in paper form! There is an intelligent ‘flow” in how the sections function and work together.

The coordinator includes the following tabbed sections:
• Notes/In
• Calendar
• Action Lists
• Agendas
• Projects/Goals
• Project Plans/Notes
• Reference/Misc.
• Contacts

The 2009 GTD® Calendar is part of a full array of GTD tools®. Based on the revolutionary principles from “Getting Things Done” the calendar comes with a full page of written instructions as well as a blank Notes/In pad, useful as a capture tool and a cornerstone of David Allen’s methodology.

This calendar is best used for these three things:
1. Appointments
2. Day-specific actions
3. Information for and about that day

The calendar has the following features:
• January- December 2009
• Monthly tabbed overviews
• Weekly calendar
• 8 ½ by 11 inch page size
• Note/In Pad included
• Refillable/reusable faux leather cover
• Wire binding

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  1. Crouse says:

    I purchased the new Coordinator at Staples. I have had it for about a week. It has been a lot of fun. It is well designed and you can customize it as much as you want. If you enjoy using paper and get a sense of satisfaction from crossing items off your lists, this is for you.


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