Announcing the Winners of the GTDTimes/David Allen Company Executive Workflow Coaching Contest!

Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

Wow! What an amazing turnout! We’ve finally selected our winner and the runners up in the GTDtimes / David Allen Company Executive Workflow Contest. You guys certainly didn’t make it easy. We were overwhelmed at the number of high quality entries from the GTDtimes readership. .

There are so many people with compelling reasons as to why they needed coaching and interesting jobs that they’re doing that we could easily have awarded ten days of coaching! Well, maybe next time. For now here are your winners and the runners up:

Grand Prize Winner: Jeff Goza – Jeff wins a full day of executive workflow coaching at his home or office as well as the full cost for the coach to travel to his location and any other expenses incurred in the course of providing Jeff with his full day of training.

Upon learning that he’d won, Jeff had the following to say:

“My name is Jeff Goza. I have the pleasure of working at a facility that serves over 500 men & women with Mental Retardation. We provide 24/7 care to those who can’t care for themselves due to various mental & physical issues. As you can imagine, our workload is high and many of the things we do can literally be life & death issues for those we serve.”

“My experience with GTD has been very helpful since I read “THE BOOK” and started implementing many of the GTD principles. Like others, I have fallen off the wagon numerous time but with the help of the GTD Community and rereading various chapters I have been able to come back into the fold. I have struggled with various parts of the system as I try to fit into my day-to-day work but I have found GTD to be flexible enough that it can be done.”

“I am very grateful to the David Allen Company and GTDtimes for making the opportunity for Executive Coaching available. I will look forward to writing a full accounting of my day in the near future.”

First Runners Up: The below-named runners up will each receive free registration for a regularly scheduled David Allen Company public seminar to be used before the end of 2009.

Ran Barton
William Brown
Mike McCollum

Second Runners Up: The below-named individuals will each receive a copy of David Allen’s recent GTD Live Ten CD Set from the David Allen GTD Online Store.

Greg Gardner
Joe Geddes
Leslie Fornino
SJ Davidson
Michael Bartley
Mike St. Pierre
Eric Warner

Congratulations to all our winners! Well Done!

3 Responses to “Announcing the Winners of the GTDTimes/David Allen Company Executive Workflow Coaching Contest!”

  1. Pat says:

    Wow, only one female winner? Are the ladies so organized that they didn’t register for the contest?

  2. I am so glad that Jeff won! Jeff: I hope you will write a summary of what it is like and how it helps you at your facility. I have people who work at mental health facilities seeing me for consultation, not as an organizational consultant, but for discussion of tough clinical issues. More often than I would have expected, organizational issues end up being center stage. I hear over and over about the difficulty finding time to get state-ordered paper work completed, time to see the high case load now expected of mental health professionals at community based agencies, time to “get it all done” without working late into every evening. I would love to hear anything you learn that might be particularly useful to someone working in a service agency as you do. Specifically, it would be helpful to learn how to handle everything when human life and welfare is precarious, when you are managing the daily needs of mentally disadvantaged people at the same time as meeting the bureaucratic requirements of the agency. Please fill us in on the experience.


  3. owstarr says:

    @ Pat,

    The ratio of women to men entering the contest was actually pretty close to the same as it was in the winners. In other words we’re a bit shy on female readers of GTDtimes. If you’re female and you read this publication perhaps you can suggest some improvements that would make us more interesting to the fairer sex?


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