Are you living in your zone or stumbling into your zone?

Date: Wednesday, April 07, 2010 by GTD Times Staff


(The tool David mentions at the end is eProductivity for Lotus Notes. It’s what he uses personally to manage his projects and actions.  If you’re a Notes user, you can learn more about David’s setup in the free Webinar on April 28th.)

4 Responses to “Are you living in your zone or stumbling into your zone?”

  1. Maia says:

    Fantastic! That really sums GTD up for me in many ways. Thank you so much for a fantastic concept that has changed my life on several levels.


  2. Verena says:

    OK, so as a mom I’m thinking of this applying to so many things: cleaning up before allowing the kids to get toys out, cleaning the kitchen before making dinner (baking, etc.), cleaning (‘nesting’) before giving birth. SO GREAT!

  3. Hi David: Good to connect with you again. Hey, is there equivalent software to eProductivity for the Mac?
    Many thanks for all your help. Shirley

  4. GTD Times says:

    Hi Shirley–Coach Kelly here.

    There is no software product out there that does everything eProductivity will do. The only one that comes close is the Netcentrics GTD Outlook Add-In, but it not not have as many features. For Mac, we recommend OmniFocus, although it’s quite robust and works for a GTD setup, it was not built specifically for GTD like the other two. You can find more info on all of those here:

    Hope that helps!

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