In praise of the last minute

I’m going to share some good news with you: The last minute is not always the worst time to do something. A client once shared that there are times when he actually likes to wait to the last minute—his work is better then. It’s more focused, more creative, and more inspired, because of the time […]

Your favorite software tool tailored for GTD

If you’re looking for tips, tricks, and coaching from the experts on using GTD with your favorite software tool, check out our GTD Setup Guides. We currently have GTD guides for these tools: Microsoft Outlook for Windows Microsoft Outlook for Mac Microsoft OneNote for Windows Evernote for Windows Evernote for Mac OmniFocus for Mac Wunderlist for Mac […]

Community Story: John Corrigan

The GTD methodology has been absolutely transformational and revolutionary in my life. I bought the audio book three weeks ago and have listened to it twice already. Just WOW—the difference I see and what others see in me and how I manage all aspects of my life from work, family, and play is phenomenal. Thank […]

Personal Productivity and the Inner Seven-Year-Old

There seems to be someone about seven years old inside of all of us, who never matures, and whose behavior either allows us lots of creative expansion and productivity, or causes us to crash and burn. It seems that the smart (adult) part of me has known what to do for years. It knows that in […]

The 2017 GTD Organizer is here!

The 2017 GTD® Organizer is an elegant and functional editable PDF organizer, built on the GTD principles. Available in letter or junior size. Format: The GTD Organizer comes as an editable PDF that can be used in several effective ways: 1. As a PDF file that you type into and store electronically 2. As a […]

GTD Community Story with Rosalie Gale

We discovered Rosalie Gale’s love for GTD on Facebook. We interviewed her so our community could hear her story. Enjoy! 1. How did you hear about GTD? I used to be the queen of making to do lists. I would write them out over and over again and become very overwhelmed by everything I needed […]

GTD Setup Guides

One of the best ways to implement Getting Things Done is to follow our expert advice in configuring one of the many tools we have found to work well for GTD. See a sample or buy a Guide now. Here are the current GTD Setup Guides available to support you: GTD & Outlook for Windows GTD […]

The treadmill of stress

Thanks to Suzanna Makkos for sharing her GTD story: In 2009 I had a baby. Three months after she was born I got a pretty big promotion at work. No problem, right? I can do both. Wrong. My life completely exploded out of control. I was seeing a therapist weekly to try to manage my […]

Are you indulging in easy?

GTD® wisdom from David Allen on giving yourself the gift of easy and unplanned Things being simple and easy is not easy, for most of us. The structure of planning what to do and working within structure can be stressful, if not stifling, unless it’s balanced with the unplanned and unstructured. I relish those spontaneous […]

Are you micromanaging your mind?

GTD® wisdom from David Allen on trusting your system and getting to the place where you are truly thinking about things, not of them.  One of the greatest traps in growing a business is also a pitfall for self management: if you don’t trust your system, you can’t let go of operational details and you’ll limit […]

Let’s hear it for lazy!

I am the laziest person I’ve ever met.  I often admit to that in my courses, and lots of people think that’s the silliest thing they’ve ever heard—they see me as highly focused and productive. But to me “lazy” just means making something happen with as little effort as possible. Perhaps it is equally true […]

The power of the Weekly Review

We saw this post on Facebook by Matt Rapport, a full-time musician from Michigan. We love hearing how GTD is working for people and he was happy to let us share his post with our readers: I continue to be amazed at the power of Getting Things Done’s Weekly Review. I woke up this morning with my head spinning. With […]

Quieting the Noise of Your Life

Over the years many people have reported “transformational” experiences in working with the Getting Things Done® methodology. I have seen people lose pounds in just a few days, their faces brighten, their countenance and attitude swing way to the positive, and even make tremendous shifts in how they think and work for the rest of their […]