Are you indulging in easy?

GTD® wisdom from David Allen on giving yourself the gift of easy and unplanned Things being simple and easy is not easy, for most of us. The structure of planning what to do and working within structure can be stressful, if not stifling, unless it’s balanced with the unplanned and unstructured. I relish those spontaneous […]

Are you micromanaging your mind?

GTD® wisdom from David Allen on trusting your system and getting to the place where you are truly thinking about things, not of them.  One of the greatest traps in growing a business is also a pitfall for self management: if you don’t trust your system, you can’t let go of operational details and you’ll limit […]

Let’s hear it for lazy!

I am the laziest person I’ve ever met.  I often admit to that in my courses, and lots of people think that’s the silliest thing they’ve ever heard—they see me as highly focused and productive. But to me “lazy” just means making something happen with as little effort as possible. Perhaps it is equally true […]

The power of the Weekly Review

We saw this post on Facebook by Matt Rapport, a full-time musician from Michigan. We love hearing how GTD is working for people and he was happy to let us share his post with our readers: I continue to be amazed at the power of Getting Things Done’s Weekly Review. I woke up this morning with my head spinning. With […]

Quieting the Noise of Your Life

Over the years many people have reported “transformational” experiences in working with the Getting Things Done® methodology. I have seen people lose pounds in just a few days, their faces brighten, their countenance and attitude swing way to the positive, and even make tremendous shifts in how they think and work for the rest of their […]

David Allen on 5 Reasons for a Meeting

Ever find yourself wondering why you’re in a meeting or what the meeting is trying to accomplish? Here is a classic article from David Allen on 5 Reasons for a Meeting. Enjoy! There are five reasons to have a meeting. Each may be a perfectly fine reason. Make sure everyone at your meeting knows and […]

Take a GTD Challenge Around Your “Stuff”

Things do not get rid of themselves. There seems to be a universal law of physics that goes like this: things that exist want to keep existing, even if there’s no good reason. And I think they have strange, secret, invisible agents that lurk in our psyche, planting little numbing seeds like “it’s there, so there […]

The 5 Stages of GTD®

Where are you in the 5 I’s? David Allen explains the 5 stages you can expect with GTD: If you’re not at “Integration” yet, here are some ideas to continue on the Path of GTD Mastery: Read (or reread!) the Getting Things Done book. David Allen has often said it is “the” manual for learning this […]

The GTD Workflow Map

The GTD® Workflow Map is now available as a PDF download. This Map is a beautiful visual learning tool for understanding how David Allen’s models for control & perspective come together.    

Who are the biggest procrastinators?

The biggest procrastinators are usually the most sophisticated, sensitive, creative, and intelligent people. Nailed you, did I? Well, I assume you’re in the sophisticated, creative, and intelligent category. That probably means you have large numbers of things stuck in your mind, in your briefcase, and on your desk about which things are not moving forward quite […]

What gets in the way of being productive?

Q: What’s the one thing that we do that gets in the way of us being productive? David Allen: It’s not one thing, but five, all wrapped together: People keep stuff in their head. They don’t decide what they need to do about stuff they know they need to do something about. They don’t organize […]

There is never enough time…

There is never enough time to do what you want to do from the level you are doing it. You must relax, and refocus. If you have inserted your intention into the universe, you must trust that the method and the process and the dynamics for its manifestation will reveal themselves in their timing, not […]

Think! At least once a week…

I followed up with an executive client recently whose biggest issue was that his GTD Weekly Review, when he “really did it right,” took sometimes 3–4 hours. He wondered if he was doing something wrong. I asked if it was worthwhile doing the review, and he admitted that it was critical to stay on top, but […]

The search for the best To Do app

David Allen weighs in on’s search for the best To Do app. Could it be that low tech wins the race? Read Wired’s article, “It’s 2016. Why Can’t Anyone Make a Decent Freaking To-Do App?”