Join the Worldwide GTD Weekly Review

David Allen has often said, “If you are not doing a Weekly Review, you are not doing GTD.”   Even though it’s the  “Critical Success Factor,” it seems to be one of those parts of GTD that can be harder to make a habit than others. Believe me, in all my years of doing GTD myself and teaching others, the Weekly Review gets people so tangled up and stressed out about what it should look/feel/sound like, that they avoid it entirely.

Whenever I would do GTD seminars, I would recommend people get a “GTD buddy” to support them in doing the Weekly Review. Sound like kid stuff?  It is–but it works.  It’s a support system to keep people to their word.  Think about, if you were to commit to a Weekly Review, and have someone ask you how it went afterward, or even do one at the same time, wouldn’t you be more inclined to actually do one?

Over on Twitter, avid GTD’er and GTD Connect Member Darla suggested we do a “group weekly review.”  I jumped at the idea.  I would love to facilitate people getting clear, current and creative.  Sounds like a great time to me!  Her vision for this is:

“Our goal could be to make the weekly review fun – remove the mystery – remove the feeling of “have to” that so many people put on it.”

So, here’s how it will work:

On Thursday, May 28th from 10AM-11AM Pacific Time in California (check your local time), clear your schedule to do a GTD Weekly Review.  Follow me @GTDCoachKelly, or follow the tag #Tweekly.  I’ll walk everyone through the GTD Weekly Review checklist.  We’ll have 5 minutes per step before moving on to the next one.  Yes, 5 minutes.  Idea is to get you through a taste of all of 11 steps.  If you’re not done with a step, just bookmark your next actions list with what’s left and move on to the next one.  I’ll Tweet the step and an explanation of what you can do.  Or, if you are so inspired and getting good stuff out of the step you’re on, stay there. There’s no “should” here except to get whatever value you want to get out of it!

Grab a free copy of the Weekly Review checklist before the Big Day.

By the way, you can follow David Allen on Twitter @GTDGuy.  There’s also loads of traffic with the #gtd tag.

5/26/09: Read the latest update on this.