Free GTD Resources

By popular request, here is a list of the free GTD resources offered by David Allen Company:

GTD Times —This is the the official blog for GTD and the David Allen Company. Loads of helpful advice, tips, special offers, tricks & strategies for implementing GTD.

Podcasts —The podcasts include personal and professional stories, as well as practical tips about GTD systems for desktop and mobile, using apps and paper. Start listening now and you’ll be well on your way to stress-free productivity.

GTD Connect —You can get a two-week free trial of our online learning center. There’s no obligation, no payment required, and nothing to cancel.

GTD Facebook Fan Page —A great place to engage with other GTD enthusiasts, and get inspired about your GTD practice.

GTD LinkedIn Network —A place to network with other GTD enthusiasts with more of a business focus.

Twitter —Follow David Allen and GTD Times.

GTD YouTube Channel —A collection of fun and useful videos of David and GTD enthusiasts.

Productive Living newsletter —David’s free newsletter with “David’s Food for Thought,” community stories, latest podcast, and product specials.

GTD Discussion Forums —These rich forums are a place to ask questions, search for answers, offer your own answers, and discuss with other GTD enthusiasts around the world.


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  1. Gostaria de saber mais sobre como é para se conectar e como usar a ferramenta.

  2. Hi -I just bought and am going through the setup guide for iPhone and it references a free download for the Weekly Review checklist to be found at The page doesn’t seem to exist. Couldn’t find it searching around either. Does it exist?
    Thanks for any help

  3. Hello – I just bought the GTD for Teens audiobook from the iTunes store, and can’t find the PDF that is supposed to accompany it. Do you know how to find it? Thanks.

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