The Six Dollar Setup

NOTE: This article is about creating an inexpensive organizer once you have already mastered the basics of GTD. If you are new to GTD, we highly recommend the GTD System as the fastest, most inexpensive way to get started on the road to stress-free success: Having a trusted reminder system is a critical success factor […]

Now You Can Try GTD Connect for FREE!

GTD Connect is David’s members-only website. Ordinarily there’s a monthly fee of $40 (based on an annual subscription) but right now – if you act quickly – you can get a free fourteen day trial of GTD Connect with just a few clicks of your mouse. Even if you read GTDtimes religiously, you’ve never seen […]

David Allen Appears in Business Week

For those of you that love to read each and every article about GTD or every interview David gives, we’ve got a treat for you today.  David Appears in a Business Week article that just went up overnight.  Allow me to state the obvious; GTD is starting to catch fire.  If you’ve been a GTD’er […]

The Key to Implementing GTD Across our/your Company.

“Is it even possible to implement GTD across the Company?” That was the question that was plaguing me and Ali.  Even if we get tools for everyone and teach them all the basics, it’s still very likely that most employees will stick to their old ways. Change is hard from within an organization.  In spite […]

Delegating The Desired Outcome

Maurice Gavin – former staff presenter with the David Allen Company During a recent seminar I delivered,  a  senior company leader asked the following question: How do you recommend I delegate? I have been asked this question before but lately it seems that this question, or one like it is being asked more and more […]

Quick Lotus Notes Tips for GTD

Editor‘s Note:  Most of the people at The David Allen Company are on Lotus Notes.  As a result a considerable body of knowledge has been developed around using Notes for GTD.  When you see the Quick Lotus Notes for GTD headline or the Lotus Notes for GTD tag, you can be sure that you’re about […]

Office 2.0 GTD Panel

Hi, everyone.  As you may know, David Allen will be delivering the keynote (along with Conference Director Ismael Ghalimi) at the upcoming Office 2.0 Conference which is taking place at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco from September 3rd through the 5th. In addition to David’s appearance, I will be moderating a panel discussion […]

Equation: Get Connected & Get Creative

This is the final post from my e-mail that answers the question: “How to ramp up quickly with GTD and Lotus Notes?”  We’ve touched on the productivity equation and we’ve looked at how methodology is the first component of the equation. We also explored the technology or tools that can be used to implement GTD […]

This is Your Elephant on GTD. Any Questions?

A Community Contribution by Michael Gorsline As you know, in implementing GTD a fair number of people are going to fall off the wagon before they experience the sustained payoffs of effortless productivity. What separates those who fizzle out from those who go the distance? From a cognitive science perspective, the answer is pretty straight […]

GTD for moms

A Community Contribution by Sarah Albright I began my GTD journey in 2005 when I took a 2 day version of the class at work. I loved the concepts, but at 27, I still placed a lot of trust in my memory. Then I got pregnant. Now that a massive hormonal shift has occurred and […]

Office 2.0 Program Now Enhanced with David Allen Keynote!

Office 2.0, the excellent conference that’s put on by my friend and tireless productivity maven Ismael Ghalimi has just announced that David Allen, the thought leader who developed the “Getting Things Done” productivity strategy will be helping open the event with Ismael.  The official announcement is over at Ismael’s own IT Redux site as is […]

Life's Second Task

By Michael Gorsline – Community Contributor As a Parent Coach and Family Therapist I spend a lot of time helping people everything from troubleshooting how to get kids to bed, to how to help dinner time go smoothly, to how to give an effective timeout when it is needed.  I also help with teaching principles […]

Sad News This Morning… Randy Pausch has Passed Away.

Randy Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie-Mellon University whose “last lecture” brought him to international prominence for his courage, his compassion and his humanity while facing a terminal illness.  If you haven’t seen his now famous lecture it is well worth the hour you’ll invest.  There are lessons there for all of us […]

GTDTimes – top blog honors

This morning I had a nice surprise in my email inbox when Evan Carmichael of wrote us a note to let us know that he’d just authored a post called the Top Ten GTDtimes Posts of 2008.  He runs through what he felt where the most informative and useful posts written for GTDtimes since […]

David Allen Speaking on Voice America Leadership Development News

David recently spoke with Dr. Relly Nadler on Voice America Leadership Development News.  Here’s a link to the streaming version of this very interesting show that includes a wide ranging discussion on GTD with David answering many questions on how to become more organized and productive. If you’d prefer to download the show so that […]

GTD at 50,000 ft: How to find and fulfill your Life's Purpose

A Community Contribution by Arif and Ali Vakil Have you ever had the feeling of being lost & left wondering “Why am I doing what I’m doing?”, “Why am I in this Job?”, “What does all this mean?”, “Who am I, and what is my purpose?”.  In spite of all the achievements there is a […]

Sometimes Getting Things Done Means Doing Nothing…

Okay, if that headline leaves you scratching your head you are probably not alone.  After all, doing nothing hardly seems like a way to get anything done, however, it is my aim to convince you that at times, doing nothing is the most appropriate next action. As you know if you’ve been reading GTDtimes with […]